Corrective Action Notice Template

bookgraphicThis corrective action notice template will help managers do the corrective action / written warning process in an effective and legally sound way. Developed by leading HR author Paul Falcone, the Falcone Corrective Action Notice (AKA Written Warning) will provide you the guidance and specifics you need.


Corrective Action Notice (AKA Written Warning) Template — $19.99 USD

correctivecoverFew areas in the workplace pose more hazard, fear, and trepidation than issuing corrective action to workers who demonstrate substandard job performance or inappropriate workplace conduct.The key to addressing performance and conduct issues head-on lies in employing a corrective action template that treats employees with respect and dignity and invites them to make themselves part of the solution.This template is modeled on Paul’s bestselling book 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems—A Guide to Progressive Discipline and Termination. This straightforward template will help you, the HR professional or immediate supervisor, compose fair, constructive, and—most importantly—legally defensible documentation to help employees turn problematic performance around and, when necessary, protect your company from the liability inherent in the wrongful termination arena.

What’s Included:

      1. Introduction to Progressive Discipline
      2. Explanation and guidance on best practice for Corrective Action Notices
      3. Detailed explanation of the four key areas of the notice (with tips in red) for you to implement and customize: (1) Narrative; (2) Performance Improvement Plan (PIP); (3) Outcomes and Consequences; (4) Employee Acknowledgment.
      4. Template is in WORD format so it can easily be customized for your company.




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