HR Template Resources for HR Managers

by on June 1, 2018

Unlike other products that may be found online or as part of a software suite of “HR in a Box” forms, the specialized products below are Paul’s own creations and were self-developed to bring his own HR practices to the next level. The digital forms, questionnaires, surveys, checklists, and toolkits available tie in very closely to the materials found in Paul’s bestselling books as well as his own practice as an HR practitioner over the years. So if you admire his AMACOM- and SHRM-published books or have been a fan of his HR Magazine articles over the years, here’s your chance to avail yourself of the tools he’s used to excel in his own career as well as train HR practitioners at the SHRM national conferences, in his classes at UCLA Extension, and via his AMA webinars and lectures. Priced affordably and immediately ready to use upon download, these documents can be easily customized with your organization’s name and logo once you save them to your computer.  The instructions contained at the intro of each product provide clear instructions for you and your managers, and the tips and hints he provides will help you maximize the value of each tool (which you can customize to meet your organization’s particular needs).  Thanks for considering shopping with us!

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