The digital forms, questionnaires, surveys, checklists, and toolkits available below tie in very closely to the materials found in Paul’s bestselling books as well as his own practice as an HR practitioner over the years.  Unlike other products that may be found online or as part of a software suite of “HR in a Box” forms, the specialized products below are Paul’s own creations and were self-developed to bring his own HR practices to the next level.  So if you admire his AMACOM- and SHRM-published books or have been a fan of his HR Magazine articles over the years, here’s your chance to avail yourself of the tools he’s used to excel in his own career as well as train HR practitioners at the SHRM national conferences, in his classes at UCLA Extension, and via his AMA webinars and lectures.

Priced affordably and immediately ready to use upon download, these documents can be easily customized with your organization’s name and logo once you save them to your computer.  The instructions contained at the intro of each product provide clear direction for you and your managers, and the tips and hints he provides will help you maximize the value of each tool (which you can customize to meet your organization’s particular needs).

The purpose of this website is to find new and creative ways of giving back–both to the human resources (HR) community as well as to the non-profit community. I’ve done my best to build “giving” into the DNA of this website, and the products available have “flexible” payment options that give you some pretty unique choices  . . .
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OPTION 1: The initial “Company” rate that you see for any product download is the standard rate that I’d ask you to pay if you’re purchasing something on behalf of your organization.*

OPTION 2: The lower, “Individual” rate is for full-time students and for executives in career transition. This is purely an honor system, and I hope you find the lower amounts helpful.*

OPTION 3: And if you’d prefer, rather than making a payment directly to the web store, you can make a payment of any amount to a charity of your choice. (The Giving Back page lists some of the nonprofit organizations that you might want to choose from.) If you choose this option, simply add the term “GIVEBACK” as a coupon code at the bottom of the shopping cart and click “Apply Coupon.” You’ll be able to download the product(s) at that point at no cost. In addition, please go to the Connect page and email us the charity of your choice so that we could publicize it on our Giving Back page.

*At this time transactions are being handled through PAYPAL and you need a PAYPAL account to purchase the digital products listed here.[/note]

In addition, I’m offering a no-questions-asked, 100% guarantee if the product you download isn’t what you had in mind.  (I’ll simply credit back your account in PayPal).

Finally, I’ll commit 10% of your payment to the Starlight Children’s Foundation, a leading global health and education charity working to embrace, empower, and enrich the lives of children with chronic diseases from illness to wellness.

Selfless giving and selfless leadership are part of the same circle.  The greatest gift that the workplace offers lies in helping others grow and excel in their careers.  I hope you find this website a fun and exciting way to share that gift, build and develop your own career, and together make the world a better place. — Paul

Reference Check Toolkit — $29.99 USD

Hiring candidates without conducting in depth reference checks is like having a loose cannon on the deck of your ship.   Based on Paul’s bestselling book 96 Great Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire, this toolkit provides five templates for (1) nonexempt, (2) sales, (3) IT/technical, (4) supervisory, and (5) senior leadership reference checks.  Simply save and print out all five templates, and you’ll be off to the races in terms of engaging prior supervisors with customized questions regarding a candidate’s ability to excel in your organization.

For Individuals in Job Transition or Full Time Students

Due Diligence HR Checklist — $19.99 USD

Where do you turn when you learn that your organization may be considering purchasing another company?   You don’t have to come out of the M&A world of private equity to have a tool at your fingertips that can help you ask the right questions and structure your due diligence inquiries to get the most value out of the valuation exercise.  Packed with sixty categories of HR-specific fields of inquiry along with twelve additional categories of general business considerations, this checklist is the first place to turn when you’re tasked with identifying potential HR issues that could be the basis for purchase price reductions, deal restructurings, or deal terminations.

$.10For Executives in Job Transition or Full Time Students

Corrective Action Notice (AKA Written Warning) Template — $24.99 USD

Few areas in the workplace pose more hazard, fear, and trepidation than issuing corrective action to workers who demonstrate substandard job performance or inappropriate workplace conduct. The key to addressing performance and conduct issues head-on lies in employing a corrective action template that treats employees with respect and dignity and invites them to make themselves part of the solution. Modeled on Paul’s bestselling book 101 Sample Write-Ups for Documenting Employee Performance Problems—A Guide to Progressive Discipline and Termination, this straightforward template will help you, the HR professional or immediate supervisor, compose fair, constructive, and—most importantly—legally defensible documentation to help employees turn problematic performance around and, when necessary, protect your company from the liability inherent in the wrongful termination arena.

$.10For Executives in Job Transition or Full Time Students

Exit Interview Questionnaire — $19.99 USD

Collecting feedback from exiting employees has a number of important uses that will benefit your organization immediately and over time.  First, it allows you to track and trend the primary and secondary reasons why individuals are leaving your company of their own accord, pointing out potential organizational deficiencies that could lead to increased turnover and/or union organizing efforts.  The tool provides specific information about supervisors who may be suffering from excessive turnover, providing you with guidelines for future training and development opportunities to strengthen their leadership abilities.  As part of your human capital scorecard, it will show you in crystal clear terms who’s leaving (AKA voluntary turnover) and where they’re going.

The template addresses how your exiting employees (and especially your highest performers) feel about your organization’s culture, focus on performance excellence, diversity and inclusion efforts, and compensation and benefits programs as contributors to their decision to leave for greener pastures.  You can use the questions contained in this Word document as a ready-to-use paper questionnaire or convert the content into a web-based survey instrument to track and trend this critical aspect of your company’s operations. Either way, you’ll have a rich data source that will serve as a mini-climate survey, giving you the opportunity to analyze and compare exit interview data from across your organization that can be easily integrated into your Human Capital Analysis data framework.

For Executives in Job Transition or Full Time Students


Please keep an eye out for future tools and resources coming your way from Paul’s online web store! Thanks for considering shopping with us!